In this ever-growing industry of gadgets and internet usage has launched an era of unparalleled evolution of Science and Technology. You can now talk to people on the other side of the world with just a click or with a tap of your fingers. Because of this, the exposure and the usage of gadgets have skyrocketed as well. Along with this, there are more people who are suffering from an eye-related illness like the digital eye strain. Even though monitors have been improved to be eco-friendlier and eye-friendly, you cannot just ignore the effects of the technology revolution. What are the symptoms of getting an eye problem? Are you one of the affected?

What Is Digital Eye Strain? 

Digital eye strain, also known as the computer vision syndrome, is the condition where the user’s eye will feel achy, tired, and irritable after staring on digital devices for a long time. There are a lot of things attributed to this condition, including using devices in a limited lighting or not taking a break occasionally. Computer vision syndrome is not limited to computer screens because phones, tablets, and other devices can still be a source of the irritation.

The DES was caused by the prolonged exposure to Blue Light and glare. Blue light is a type of light that is near the UV light spectrum. Because of that, even though it is not as dangerous than the UV light itself, it is still dangerous after a long exposure. Glare, on the other hand, is the wavelengths that enter the eye. This element stresses the ciliary muscle in the eye, causing the symptoms of DES. Different people are affected differently because everyone has a different level of tolerance.


The symptoms for digital eye strain include eye fatigue, headaches, eye irritation, eye strain, dry or itchy eyes, blurry or double vision, neck, shoulder, and back pain. A person with DES could have some or all of these symptoms depending on tolerance.

Why Should I Get Computer Reading Glasses? 

There are specially designed eyeglasses which are made to reduce or block the blue light and the glare coming from the device screens. This is done without sacrificing the color’s accuracy. These glasses are called computer reading glasses and are helpful for people who want to lessen or eliminate the symptoms of DES. In the long term, getting your eyes protected against blue light and glare will help you maintain good vision even at old age. It is better to wear computer reading glasses early because it will prevent more damage in the eyes in the long term.

There are stores who offers additional magnification and sight correction for people who already damaged their vision. A store which sells computer reading glasses, like Felix Gray, will offer +1.0 up to +2.5 magnification. There are also online stores that allow someone to buy a pair of glasses and to see it in their face via an online app.

Still, the best way is to diagnose the kind of glasses needed is to see an eye doctor. Your blurry eyes might be caused by something else and not because of digital eye strain. If you are experiencing anything like this, then go see an ophthalmologist.

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